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Ian's Site of Funny Stuff

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Just a quick history of Ians Site of Funny stuff.

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On September 7th 2005 I decided that I would make a website with funny pictures, weird facts, and anything else I could think of. After about a week of searching for a good host i found tripod on September 12th 2005. After making the same website (just the outline really) on Freewebs geocites msn groups. I was refered to tripod. IAns site of Funny stuff made its first publish to the web on September 15th 2005. After a week I had 500 viewers and 75 people stayed viewers. In march 2006 The website hit an all time low. I actually took it off the web and planned to keep it that way. but then a rush of emails came in complaining about the websites withdraw from the web. I Then did everything I could to make this site better. I still occasianally get views but not as often. In July 2006 I submitted Ians site of funny stuff to google and went on to very heavy advertising. That is The history so far...