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Ian's Site of Funny Stuff

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Welcome to my site!

Jokes,Funny Pictures,weird stuff, It's ALL here

Ians Site of Funny Stuff May be moving to angelfire. Its hosted by lycos still but it looks a little cooler. I'll be checking it out build a new Ians site of funny stuff release it and see whats better. I'll keep you updated on the switch.

Ians Site of Funny stuff is about to become alot more active!

Joke of the Week:

One day a little boy went up to his mom and asked,
"Mom, is God a boy or a girl?"
The mom said,
"Honey, he is both"
The next day, the boy went up to his dad and asked,
"Dad, is God black or white?"
And the dad replied,
"Son, He is both."
At dinner, the boy asked his parents,
"Mom, Dad, is Michael Jackson God?"

Whats New?


7/12/06- I updated EVERYTHING.


Please be sure to get in touch and let me know what you think of my site.